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On-line Registration & Scheduling

On-line Registration and Scheduling

It is now possible for potential new clients and existing clients to schedule an appointment on-line, cancel an appointment on-line, and reschedule an appointment on-line. However, the schedule is only accurate for times within two weeks of the present date.

New clients: Follow the link below to the schedule for available appointments.  Only open appointments within two weeks of the current date are available for scheduling.  Appointments more than two weeks ahead will most likely be declined (because they may already "belong" to existing clients.  The web site will ask for certain basic insurance information and some biographical data.  When I receive the request for the appointment, I will confirm it if possible or ask for additional information, if needed, prior to confirming.  No appointment should be considered fully set until it has been confirmed by myself by email.

Existing Clients: Please request a login and password from me by email ([email protected]) in order to use the on-line scheduling system.  Appointments may be cancelled at any time, but rescheduling and additional time requests must also be made within two weeks of the present date, only.


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